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Hazar Booster Systems

Booster systems are the means that provide the water to reach the desired pressure and flow rate when water pressure and flow are not sufficient. It can be used in high buildings, irrigation systems, fire systems and everywhere where high water pressure and flow rates are required.

Booster systems are divided into two as use and fire booster systems.

Fire boilers must be used in all buildings with fire lines according to the regulation. Usage booster systems are used in high structures or garden irrigation systems. One of the important points should be chosen according to the size of the expansion tank booster and the amount of water consumed per hour.

Fire Booster

Fire boilers must be used in all installations with fire lines. These conditions of use are specified in the fire regulations. It is mandatory to use double pumps in fire booster. 1 of the pumps should be electric and 1 of them should be diesel. If an alternative power supply is available, the two pumps can be electrically selected.

Circulation Pumps

Circulating pumps are the means for circulating hot water in the installation. Circulating pumps almost never stop during the heating process. Nowadays, energy saving is provided by using frequency controlled circulation pumps.

Waste Water Pump

Sewage pumps are generally used to deliver sewage accumulated in areas below the normal sewer level difference. It is generally recommended to be used as a disintegrant since it contains waste water in solid waste.

Usage Booster

The use booster sets provide the desired flow rate and pressure by providing pressure to the water in case of insufficient water pressure. Especially needed in high-rise buildings. It is generally used as a double pump. In cases where the pressure is insufficient, the 2nd Pump activates and reaches the desired pressure, or in case of 1 pump failure, the 2nd Pump enters and the building is not dehydrated during the fault removal process.