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Modepo Modular Water Tanks

Modular water tanks are manufactured in a piece-of-use form that can be easily assembled without the need for welding. It can be easily assembled to the desired place by passing it in the narrowest places. It is lighter and more robust than its peers. assembly time is short. Clean and hygienic.


Stainless modular water tanks are manufactured from 304 and 316 quality materials. Generally, 304 quality sheet metal is preferred in the warehouse to be used in drinking water. Since its chemical component contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, it has a high corrosion resistance.


Polypropylene (pp) is a prismatic storage form which is produced by injection molding method from plastic raw material and connected to each other with bolts. It is preferred in very special projects as it is higher cost than other warehouses in terms of price.


Galvanized modular water tank is coated with st 37 quality steel hot dipping method to increase corrosion resistance. After all manufacturing works are finished, all corners and edges are coated because of the coating process. Domestic water, fire line water can be used for garden irrigation water storage purpose.

Pregalvanized modular water tank: cheaper than other tank types.

Although this method is not highly recommended, it can be used where corrosion is not critical. Fire line garden irrigation and so on.